KAPEA Chairman

You are the hero of the Global World. The world is now your companion. The globalized world offers you infinite opportunities to gain information with


Nicola Vruwink

The korea portfolio day is The Korea Portfolio Day is a fantastic opportunity for students interestd in pursuing an education in Art or Design at


The School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago

“At The School of the Art Institute of Chicago some of our best students and alums have some from Korea and we want to keep


Kevin Bird

welcome! from the Emily Carr College of Art in Vancouver, Canada on behalf of the Emily Carr University of Art + Design I would like


U.S. Chairman Of KPD

First step into the Global, it would be your confidence for your dream and ambitions, isn’t it? Yes, it is. Hello Korean students! Coming this


Yvette Sobky Shaffer

Welcome to the Korea Portfolio Day! All of the participating schools are so excited to be traveling to Korea to meet you in person. I


Molly Ryan

The KPD is a wonderful opportunity for Korean student to connect with Visual and Performing Arts Institutions in North America with out the expense of