Fill out the participation document on the bottom of this page.
Carefully choose 3 schools that you like to have review with Once you summit, you can not change the schools you selected.
If you have more question please contact us.

01 Policies
You must fill out all parts of the application form at the bottom of this page.
You can choose until 3 schools that you would like to review you.
Once your application is complete, you cannot change the content.
If you have any changes on your application form, please contact us.

02 What to bring to the event:
Finished works and/or works in progress.
You can bring them by sketchbook, photos, CDs, DVDs, or flash driver.
It is best to bring the original works.
Prepare the main point of your works and the questions you want to ask the school.

03 Note for your application
When the maximum number of applicants is reached, we will closed the application process.
Your application is complete when payment has been received.

04 Refund
We cannot refund the application fee when you cancel the application due to your personal reasons.
If the event is canceled or delayed by our host organization’s situation, we will refund the application fee;


  • May.30(SAT) – SEP. 10(THU) 23:30, 2015
Account number for registration
  • company name : Korea Art Education Promotion Association
  • company address : 2F, 35-19, Samsung 2-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • bank name :
  • account no :
  • Membership fee : USD$70
  • Korea Art Education Promotion Association
    Tel/Fax: +82 2 512 5931 / +82 2 512 5932
  • MAIL: