School Of The Museum Of Fine Arts, Boston


Smfa는 미국 교육의 도시인 보스턴에 위치한 예술학교로서, 스튜디오 베이스의 실제 예술작업을 강조하고 학생들에게 무한한 자유를 제공하여 창의적 연구와 모험심, 그리고 개성을 살린 교육으로 예술가를 육성하는것을 목적으로 하고있다. 현재 활동중인 아티스트들로 구성된 교수진들과 함께 특정 전공에 치중하지 않고 학생들이 스튜디오에서 경험할 수 있는 여러 미술과정들을 다양하게 접하게하여 자기 자신만의 전문 분야를 만들어 나갈 수 있도록 하는 교육방식을 취하고 있다.

The SMFA program was designed by artists, for artists. It puts you, the artist, at the center. You will be encouraged here. You will be pushed. To take risks. To work in a medium you’ve never tried before. You will work with the faculty to develop your own voice, your own point of view; which is why our students, our graduates, go on to define new directions in the arts. Many are pioneers in their field. Others create entirely new fields. The education you receive here will prepare you for a world that is constantly changing and constantly placing very high demands on its participants.

The School of the Museum of Fine Arts is a challenging place and it is designed to be that way. It is an experience that will be profoundly rewarding and in the end, that is what a great education is all about.

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